ZimmCast 666 – The Off-Farm Income Podcast and More


Hello and welcome to the ZimmCast.

This week Commodity Classic is having a Special Edition. Which means virtual since it is not an in-person event this year. For many of you and including myself, it was the last farm show or event we’ve attended since the pandemic shutdown a year ago. But, like so many virtual events we’ve been participating in, it is still nice to see and hear from people we know and to still help clients with their media outreach when they are involved in this type of event. Just check out our AgNewsWire website to see what I mean.

Off-Farm Income PodcastThis week I’m going to talk with a fellow farm podcaster. He’s Matt Brechwald, producer of the Off-Farm Income Podcast and a lot more. Matt produces a lot of podcasts and when I learned about what he’s doing I wanted to talk with him about it since he really jumped into farm podcasting in a big way. So, listen in to our conversation and at the end we let you know the best way to find either of us.

I’m going to keep in touch with Matt and hope you’ll subscribe to his podcasts.

So, that’s the ZimmCast for this week. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for listening.

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 666 - The Off-Farm Income Podcast and More (54:41)

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