Syngenta Holds Press Conference at 2021 Commodity Classic

Syngenta Press Conference

Syngenta Press ConferenceDuring the first day of the 2021 Commodity Classic Special Edition Syngenta held a press conference that featured the following speakers and was moderated by Paul Minehart, Head, Corporate Communications, North America at Syngenta.

Syngenta announced the new Field Forged Series™ from NK® Seeds, coming this fall, which will include 10 new NK corn hybrids, four new Enogen® corn hybrids and 20 new NK soybean varieties for the 2022 growing season, selected for both agronomics and yield potential.

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  • Digital Ag – Ron Cowman, the new head of North America Digital Ag Solutions at Syngenta, will provide an update on the state of Syngenta Digital Ag and his vision for Syngenta Digital Ag in the U.S.
  • Golden Harvest – Grant Merron, Golden Harvest digital enablement lead, to introduce the E-Luminate® Mobile app, a digital agronomy platform designed to deliver timely insights directly to farmers from their trusted Seed Advisors.
  • NK – Joe Bollman, NK® corn product manager, will announce the Field-Forged Series from NK Seeds. The Field-Forged Series is a new class of products from NK Seeds that features new innovations and proven products for both corn and soybeans.
  • Vayantis – Dale Ireland, seedcare technical product lead, will unveil a new standard of Pythium protection. Upon EPA registration, Vayantis® seed treatment will deliver reinforced Pythium protection for corn growers.
  • Acuron GT – Mark Kitt, herbicide technical product lead, will speak on a new product in the Acuron® corn herbicide family of brands: Acuron GT, anticipated to receive registration in 2021.

Listen in or download the Syngenta Press Conference: Syngenta Press Conference (18:56)

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