2018 ASTA CSS and Seed Expo

Held each year in Chicago, the 2018 ASTA CSS and Seed Expo is America’s largest seed industry convention with the latest information on seed treatment, plant breeding innovation, the agricultural economy forecast for 2019, emerging global disease threats and more.

This year’s meeting was held December 3-6. Major sponsors at the event include Bayer and BASF.

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2018 ASTA CSS and Seed Expo


ASTA CSS and Seed Expo Success

ASTACSS18 Interview with ASTA Chair Jerry Flint, Corteva Agriscience

ASTACSS18 interview with Andy LaVigne, ASTA CEO

Basse was Back at #ASTACSS
ASTACSS18 Dan Basse, Ag Resource, presentation

ASTACSS18 Interview with Dan Basse, Ag Resource

Majors after the Mergers panel – moderated by Dan Basse, Ag Resource – with Jim Collins, Corteva; Scott Kay, BASF; Jeff Rowe, Syngenta; and Lisa Safarian, Bayer

ASTACSS18 Majors after the Mergers opening remarks

ASTA Majors after the Mergers panel discussion

Rob Bertram, USAID, presentation at general session
ASTACSS18 Rob Bertram, USAID, remarks

#ASTACSS Student Video Award Winner
ASTACSS18 Interview with student video award winner Kevin Falk, ISU

Wheat Session –
ASTACSS18 Wheat session - Sean Finnie, Bay State Milling

ASTACSS18 Wheat session - Dr. Greg Marshall, retired DuPont Pioneer

ASTACSS18 Wheat session - 'Wheat Pete' Johnson, Real Agriculture

ASTACSS18 Interview with 'Wheat Pete' Johnson, Real Agriculture

CoverCress announces new company name and development of cover crop based on pennycress
ASTACSS18 CoverCress press conference

ASTACSS18 Interview with CoverCress CEO Jerry Steiner

USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach
ASTACSS18 USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach remarks at Plant Breeding session

ASTACSS18 USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach press conference

Plant Breeding Innovation session
ASTACSS18 Plant Breeding Innovation Session

Inari Introduces the World’s First Seed Foundry
ASTACSS18 Interview with Matthew Perkins, Inari

A Visionary Approach to Precision and Digital Agriculture
ASTACSS18 Digital Ag Session

Bayer interviews

Bayer Spotlights NemaStrike at #ASTACSS – Interview with Brent Craig, Bayer

Interview with Greg Ginisty discussing SeedGrowth – Interview with Greg Ginisty, Bayer

Interview with Kelli Brown discussing NemaStrike – Interview with Kelli Brown, Bayer

Bayer Opens 2018 Seed Expo Bayer opens Seed Expo, interviews with Mike Lewis and Leticia Gonçalves

BASF interviews

BASF Launches Vault® IP Plus and Obvius® PlusInterview with Justin Clark, BASF

Interview with Jeremiah Mullock discussing ILeVO- Interview with Jeremiah Mullock, BASF

BASF Looks Forward to 2019 Growing SeasonInterview with Jody Wynia, BASF

BASF Products Fight Soybean Disease Interview with Melissa Chu, BASF


Seed Treatment Education Tour – Bayer Booth