Bayer at 2018 ASTACSS

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Bayer at ASTACSS18 photo album

Audio interviews

Greg Ginisty, Product Manager, SeedGrowth
Interview with Greg Ginisty, Bayer

Brent Craig, Seed Applied Solutions Marketing, NemaStrike –
Interview with Brent Craig, Bayer

Kelli Brown, N.A. Seed Applied Solutions Product Manager, NemaStrike –
Interview with Kelli Brown, Bayer

Bayer Opens 2018 Seed Expo
Interview with Mike Lewis and Leticia Gonçalves, Bayer

Bill Streigel, Bayer Fluency Agent Advanced
Interview with Bill Streigel, Bayer Fluency Agent Advanced

Chip Graham discusses Bayer seed treatment portfolio
Interview with Chip Graham, Bayer Seed Treatment technician


Seed Treatment Education Tour – Bayer Booth

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