DWFI Podcast 35 – Nebraska’s Agtech Innovation Ecosystem

Farmers are the original agtech innovators. As the population grows, and water resources become scarcer, there is a need for continued innovation in agricultural technologies, and a ready network to foster and accelerate them.

The 2024 Nebraska Agtech Innovation Ecosystem Map, jointly published by Water for Food and The Combine AgTech Incubator by Invest Nebraska, outlines the ecosystem for entrepreneurs and all actors to connect with resources in the agtech community.

In this podcast episode, DWFI Communications Specialist Arianna Elnes talks to program manager for The Combine, Josh DeMers and research program manager Water for Food, Ankit Chandra about Nebraska’s distinct and evolving agtech innovation ecosystem.

View and download the map at https://waterforfood.nebraska.edu/news-and-events/news/2024/03/dwfi-invest-nebraska-release-2024-nebraska-agtech-innovation-ecosystem-map

Upcoming Agtech Connect: https://www.agtechconnect.co/

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DWFI podcast episode 35 23:08

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