ZimmCast 722 – Interviews from NAFB Trade Talk


ZimmCastHello and welcome to the ZimmCast.

During this year’s NAFB Trade Talk I interviewed a lot of company representatives and am taking this opportunity to share some of them. These folks had a lot more than just the Golden ZimmComm Microphone in their face! But they are now members of the Golden Mic Club. Here’s who you can listen to in this order: Mike DiPaola,Taranis and Ethan Noll, Ag Partners Co-op; Mark Foster, AMVAC; Aaron Robinson, Benson Hill; Aaron Eddy, Azotic and Brian Neineke, Phospholutions.

Cindy and I will be on the agriblogging and podcasting trail for the American Seed Trade Association’s newly named Field Crop Seed Conference. It is being held in Orlando, FL for the first time. The Golden ZimmComm Microphone will get a workout once again before we start the new year in Ft. Worth at the Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Listen to the episode here:ZimmCast 722 - Interviews from NAFB Trade Talk (27:02)

That’s the ZimmCast for this week. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for listening.

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