DWFI Podcast 30 – Central Asia Partnership

Since 2013, UNL Water Sciences Lab Director Dan Snow and other researchers in the University of Nebraska system (NU) have collaborated with faculty and students in Central Asian institutes to improve water quality research across the globe. The purpose of this effort is to share NU’s knowledge and expertise in water quality research with a region that has limited resources and important water quality issues to address.

In this episode, guest host Ann Briggs, public relations and engagement coordinator at the Nebraska Water Center, chats with Dan during one of his visits to Kazakhstan, along with Marjan Kalmakhanova, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at M.Kh. Dulaty Taraz Regional University in Kazakhstan. Both discuss the importance and impact of global partnerships in water quality research.

To learn more about this partnership, visit centralasiawater.unl.edu.

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DWFI Podcast 30 - Marjan Kalmakhanova and Dan Snow 16:15

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