Pivot Bio Presents 14 Abstracts on Its Breakthrough Crop Nutrition Technology at Industry’s Leading Research Conference

Company-Led and Independent Research Presented at the ASA, CSSA, SSSA Annual Meeting Demonstrates Pivot Bio’s Commitment to Rigorous Product Evaluation

Nov. 15, 2023 (St. Louis, Mo.) – Pivot Bio, Inc., a sustainable agriculture company, solidified its leadership in the development of breakthrough crop nutrition technologies at the 2023 International Annual Meeting of the American Society of Agronomy (ASA), the Crop Science Society of America (CSSA), and the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA). The company’s researchers, alongside independent scientists substantiating Pivot Bio’s innovative products, shared their findings across 14 abstracts, delivered in the form of both posters and oral presentations, highlighting the latest pre-publication research verifying the mode of action and performance of Pivot Bio’s microbial nitrogen.

The research presented focused on Pivot Bio’s PROVEN® 40, a breakthrough product offering a microbial source of nitrogen specifically designed for corn crops. The week-long event served as a platform for sharing research studies demonstrating the efficacy of Pivot Bio’s PROVEN® 40 in enhancing nitrogen fixation in plants during critical growth phases, maintaining yield, and reducing environmental impacts – crucial metrics in today’s agricultural landscape.

Key insights presented at the event included:

– Innovative Nitrogen Fixation: Research from Pivot Bio, Purdue University, and University of Wisconsin illuminated the mechanism of action behind PROVEN® 40, revealing how two generations of synthetic biology improvements in diazotrophic N-fixation inoculants can potentially decrease reliance on synthetic N fertilizers in corn.
– On-Farm Success: Analyses of plant samples from hundreds of grower fields exhibited the early-season benefits of PROVEN® 40, such as increased biomass and chlorophyll content, indicating enhanced plant nitrogen status even when synthetic N was reduced by up to 40 pounds per acre.
– Yield Stability: Data from 58 corn growers highlighted that replacing 35-40 pounds of synthetic N with PROVEN® 40 yielded comparable results to traditional practices but with significant reductions in yield variability, showcasing the product’s ability to deliver consistent, reliable performance.
– Environmental Impact Reduction: Pivot Bio’s collaborations with Iowa State University and Kansas State University, showcased that PROVEN® 40 could significantly reduce nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions, contributing to more sustainable farming practices.

“The recent findings presented at the ASA, CSSA, SSSA Annual Meeting underscore our dedication to science-driven, farmer-centric solutions,” said Dan Poston, VP of Field Research & Development, at Pivot Bio. “Our work is not just about innovation for innovation’s sake; it’s about delivering solutions that farmers can depend on today and for generations to come. By reducing the environmental footprint of nitrogen applications and improving the resilience of food systems, we are taking significant steps towards a future where sustainability and productivity go hand in hand.”

During the conference, Pivot Bio hosted over 25 researchers, graduate students, and collaborators from various universities and institutions at its state-of-the-art Product Success Center in St. Louis. Attendees engaged in in-depth discussions about the latest findings and best practices for working with PROVEN® 40, focusing on the application of microbial nitrogen and its integration into current agricultural systems. It was an opportunity to bridge the gap between research and real-world farming, emphasizing the importance of science-based solutions in addressing the challenges of modern agriculture.


About Pivot Bio
Founded in 2011, Pivot Bio is a sustainable agriculture company delivering farmers patented crop nutrition technologies that harness the power of nature to reliably and productively grow the food the world needs in the face of increasing volatility. Synthetic nitrogen is one of agriculture’s leading contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. Our products are a breakthrough innovation and among the industry’s most promising climate solutions because they deliver nitrogen to plants without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer. Our nitrogen is safer to handle, does not leach or contribute to nitrous oxide pollution. By making this possible for the first time at scale, Pivot Bio is upending the 190 billion USD nitrogen market. For more information, visit PivotBio.com.

Erin Loesing