Innovar Ag Expands InnoSolve PKMe Globally

Broad Spectrum Proven Efficiency Product

(Bradenton, Florida) Innovar Ag today announced InnoSolve PKMe, a recently introduced cost-effective, broad-spectrum efficiency product for Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potash and Micronutrients, is set to expand global supply due to excellent results and additional manufacturing capability at its Illinois based production location. This expansion will allow Fertilizer Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers and Farmers to provide a proven efficiency solution which is profitable for the entire chain.

“We are pleasantly surprised with the fast adoption observed for InnoSolve PKMe in the 8 initial launch countries. Partners are currently seeing the terrific commercial and agronomic benefits firsthand,” says Andrew Semple, Chief Executive Officer at Innovar Ag, LLC. “We feel that with our expanded manufacturing capabilities, plus the demand received for InnoSolve PKMe from the Global Market, we can offer consistent supply of this quality product starting in the 2023 season,” Semple added.

InnoSolve PKMe helps nutrients that are being added to soil, as well as any existing nutrients already in the soil, to be efficiently available for crop uptake.

– Nitrogen
– Phosphorus
– Potash
– Minor Elements such as Fe, Mg, Mn, Ca, Zn

Carrie Garcia, Managing Director states, “Innovar Ag is currently adding partners in additional countries with a goal to reach 70 countries supplied by 2025. Innovar’s current core product distribution, which is currently serving 34 countries, will help InnoSolve PKMe to springboard expansion quickly, starting in 2023.”


About Innovar Ag
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Ms. Carrie Garcia
Innovar Ag, LLC