Ethanol Report Preview of NEC

The 2023 National Ethanol Conference is coming up in less than a month now and there are so many reasons to attend February 28 – March 2 in Orlando.

In this episode of the Ethanol Report, we hear from four Renewable Fuels Association staff members about some of the panels and issues that will be explored at the NEC. Jared Mullendore, Policy Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, will be moderating a panel on implementing the Inflation Reduction Act; Scott Richman is on the panel presenting new studies that show ethanol’s environmental and economic benefits are even better than previously thought; Ken Colombini is excited about brand new consumer focus group results that will be shared, and Robert White talks about his panel on ethanol performance.

Listen to the podcast below and go to for more information about the conference.

Ethanol Report 1-30-22 30:47

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