Industry Leader Andrew Duff named General Manager for North America

MAZOR, ISRAEL – January 18, 2023 – Groundwork BioAg announced today that industry leader Andrew Duff has joined as General Manager – North America.

Duff’s more than 20 years of experience in biostimulants, seed technology and U.S. crop production will help the company accelerate the adoption of its Rootella mycorrhizal inoculants and meet demand for biological solutions in mainstream crops, such as corn, soybean and cotton.

“The demand from mainstream growers for more biological and regenerative solutions continues to increase,” said Hanan Dor, Chief Commercial Officer at Groundwork BioAg. “The United States remains an important growth market for us and essential to producing more sustainable food for the world. As a well-respected leader in agriculture and a life-long farmer, we believe Andrew is the right person to help us to expand our strategic partnerships, meet growers’ demand for our Rootella product portfolio and accelerate our carbon sequestration projects to help all farmers tap into existing carbon markets.”

In this newly created role, Duff will lead the company’s existing operations established in 2016 and ensure a direct line of communication with North American distribution partners and growers, following another consecutive year of growth for Groundwork BioAg.

“I am incredibly excited to join Groundwork BioAg at such a pivotal time in agriculture when many farmers and industry partners are adopting new solutions that address climate concerns and sustainability goals,” said Duff. “Groundwork BioAg is on the forefront of climate-smart agriculture and is bringing products to the farm that improve profitability today and for generations to come.”

Growing up on a farm in the Mississippi Delta, Duff brings a wealth of knowledge and in-depth experience in agriculture spanning across distribution, manufacturing and production with an expertise in major crop inputs. Previously, Duff led global strategy for biostimulants at Verdesian Life Sciences. In addition, he served in leadership roles at Pinnacle Agriculture and Monsanto. He attended business school at the University of Mississippi and earned a law degree and MBA from Mississippi College. Duff is currently based in Southaven, Mississippi.

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