DWFI Podcast 20 – Christopher Neale, DWFI

In this episode of the Water for Food Podcast, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (DWFI) Director of Communications Frances Hayes sits down with her colleague and DWFI’s Director of Research Dr. Christopher Neale. Dr. Neale shares how his technical research translates to a more sustainable agricultural system through more precise use of water and savings for farmers.

Dr. Neale joined DWFI in 2013 and oversees its research efforts, engaging faculty in new projects and initiating partnerships all over the world with various organizations, universities and industry partners. Throughout his decades-long career, his research has focused primarily on developing remote sensing applications for irrigated agriculture, hydrology and natural resources monitoring. He has developed a low-cost airborne remote sensing system used in the western U.S. to map the energy balance and evapotranspiration of agricultural crops and natural vegetation. Dr. Neale is a founding partner and executive committee member of the Irrigation Innovation Consortium. He has led numerous national and international partnerships and projects to improve irrigation management in the U.S., Middle East and North Africa, India, Brazil, Dominican Republic and Kazakhstan.

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