2022 Syngenta Media Summit

Held in New Orleans and St. Gabriel, Louisiana October 31 – November 2, 2022, Syngenta hosted media representatives to learn about the company’s latest sustainability efforts, digital tools, the economics of agronomics, maximizing fertilizer efficiency, as well as an update on policy issues and EPA’s review of atrazine.

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2022 Syngenta Media Summit


Vern Hawkins, President, Syngenta Crop Protection
Syngenta media - Vern Hawkins interview 11:46

Jeff Cecil, Head, Crop Protection Marketing, Syngenta – Economics of Agronomics
Syngenta media - Jeff Cecil interview 6:19

Mary Kay Thatcher, Sr. Manager, Federal Government & Industry Relations, Syngenta – farm policy
Syngenta media - Mary Kay Thatcher interview 6:59

Ron Cowman, Head, Digital Agricultural Solutions, Syngenta – digital tools for sustainability and profit
Syngenta media - Ron Cowman interview 9:03

Liz Hunt, Head, Sustainable & Responsible Business
Syngenta media - Liz Hunt interview 6:52

Shawn Hock, Herbicide Product Lead
Syngenta media - Shawn Hock interview 6:47

Dale Ireland, Seedcare Technical Product Lead
Syngenta media - Dale Ireland interview 5:45

Tyler Harp, Insecticides/Fungicides Technical Product Lead
Syngenta media - Tyler Harp interview 9:36

Mark White, Sr. Stewardship Manager – update on EPA review of atrazine
Syngenta media - Mark White interview 9:36