ZimmCast 697 – Bayer Crop Science Field Technology Showcase


ZimmCastHello and welcome to the ZimmCast.

Getting close to episode 700!

I’m sharing two of the interviews I conducted during the Bayer Crop Science Field Technology Showcase last week. We had multiple in-field demonstration plots and presenters. I was most interested in one about small stature corn which you’ll hear is the core of Bayer’s Smart Corn strategy. Then on the soybean side of things you’ll hear about new technologies coming to help farmers with weed control and also a description of their investment in CoverCress which is planted in the fall and harvested just ahead of spring planting. The product works as a good cover crop and has opportunities for farmers to obtain additional income from the harvested crop. Bayer recently purchased a majority stake in CoverCress, Inc.

I talk with Kelly Gillespie, VP Digital Ecosystems Services, Bayer Crop Science, about her corn presentation. And then turn to soybeans in my interview with Jennifer Ralston, Global Soybean Seed & Traits Portfolio Manager, Bayer Crop Science.

Listen to the ZimmCast here:
ZimmCast 697 - Bayer Field Technology Showcase (11:56)

My next stop on the agriblogging highway will be the Farm Progress Show in Iowa. But before that Cindy and I will be spending a few days seeing our grand children in Missouri. Looking forward to seeing them.

So, that’s the ZimmCast for this week. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for listening.

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