AgGateway 2022 Mid-Year Meeting

AgGateway is celebrating its 2022 Mid-Year Meeting as a 100% in-person experience once again, June 13-16 at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA.

The rubber hits the road at this annual summer gathering, which will draw more than 250 industry professionals. Most attendees have been active in AgGateway working groups and committees that are moving the organization’s myriad projects toward completion.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2022 AgGateway Mid-Year Meeting Photo Album


Interview with Brent Kemp, President/CEO, AgGateway
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Brian Kemp, AgGateway 8:23

Interview with Jeremy Wilson, Executive Vice President/COO, AgGateway
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Jeremy Wilson, AgGateway 7:11

Interview with meeting keynote speaker Landus Ag CEO Matt Carstens
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Matt Carstens, Landus Ag 2:31

Interview with Jim Wilson, AgGateway, Chief Technology Officer
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Jim Wilson, AgGateway 3:26

Interview with Ben Craker, AgGateway, Portfolio Manager
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Ben Craker, AgGateway 2:43

Interview with AgGateway chair Doug Farrington, Regional Digital Officer for BASF Ag Products North America
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Doug Farrington, BASF 4:09

Interview with Dan Danford, CNH Industrial
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Dan Danford, CNH 4:15

Interview with Doug Applegate, Praxidyn
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Doug Applegate, Praxidyn 2:27

Interview with Dave Craft, Software Solutions Integrated
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Dave Craft, SSI 2:05

Interview with AgGateway Board Member Karen Oerter, Winfield United
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Karen Oerter, Winfield United 2:33

Interview with Uriah Paddock, Ceres Solutions
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Uriah Paddock, Ceres Solutions 1:45

Interview with Andres Ferreyra, Syngenta Digital Data Asset Manager
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Andres Ferreyra, Syngenta 6:07

Interview with Ernie Chappell, EFC Systems
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Ernie Chappell, EFC Systems 2:51

Interview with Dennis Daggett, Enterprise Ag Strategies
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Dennis Daggett, Enterprise Ag Strategies 5:32

Interview with Jacob Crow, AgGateway board member and GROWMARK Director of IT Portfolio
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Jacob Crow, GROWMARK 3:19

Interview with Kay Campe, IS Manager at Rosen’s, Inc., Fairmont, Minnesota,
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Kay Campe, Rosen's Inc. 1:36

Interview with Phil Kubesh, IT Manager at Vita Plus Corp Madison, Wisconsin
2022 AgGateway Mid Year - Phil Kubesh, Vita Plus 2:15