USDA Announces Meat Supply Chain Actions

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack used an appearance before the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday to make a few announcements, including issuing a new Packers & Stockyards Act rulemaking, making available $200 Million to expand competition in meat processing, and investing $25 million in workforce training.

Vilsack said the actions build on President Biden’s whole-of-government effort to promote competition in the American economy and fulfill key pillars of the Meat and Poultry Supply Chain Action Plan launched in January. These actions are designed to combat market dominance by a small number of major meat and poultry processors in key markets, where excessive concentration and control has led to lower prices paid to producers and higher prices paid by consumers.

Listen to Vilsack’s announcement and learn more details from USDA.
Vilsack at Senate Ag Committee Hearing (4:06)