ZimmCast 692 – Alltech Planet of Plenty Awards


ZimmCastThis edition of the ZimmCast comes from Lexington, Kentucky and the 2022 Alltech ONE Conference, which was the first live and in-person since 2019 and included a lot of award-giving.

Alltech has been focused on promoting a Planet of Plenty over the past three years so, for this week’s ZimmCast we share two interviews. First will be the 2021 Alltech Canada Planet of Plenty Award Winner, Andrea Stroeve-Sawa, Shipwheel Cattle Feeders, Alberta. Next will be the 2022 Alltech Canada Planet of Plenty Award winner, Jillian Byers, Blue Ridge Farms, Alberta.

Throughout the conference sessions, speakers and interviews I did, there was a consistent message focused on sustainability, concern for the environment and all of it is part of the Alltech Planet of Plenty. The three key pillars of sustainability for Alltech are social, environmental and economic.

If you did not attend this year’s conference you can still register for on-demand access to virtual sessions. You can find that link on the website – one.alltech.com.

Listen to the ZimmCast here:
ZimmCast 692 - Alltech Award Winners (19:36)

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