Verdesian Life Sciences to Provide Exclusive Media Day Opportunity

Known industry-wide as the Nutrient Use Efficiency People™, the team at Verdesian Life Sciences is excited to share more on the innovation and technology that is helping to drive in-field biostimulant use. On January 12 at 10 a.m. central standard time, Verdesian will provide a media-only event centered on the company’s SEED+ portfolio. SEED+ is a proprietary technology that packs the nutritional punch crops need to support seedling vigor, emergence, and improved tolerance to the effects of abiotic stress – all of which improves crop yield and quality.

This one-hour media webinar will provide details on the SEED+ planter box technology that is making biostimulant adoption easy and affordable for farmers to implement into their cropping systems. From the comfort of your office, we’ll provide all of the information you need to put another tool in your readers’ and listeners’ management toolbox.

To learn more about the day and register, visit the link below:

ALSO! Be sure to provide your physical address. We’ll be sending out participation kits containing everything needed to participate in the event to the first 25 registrants.

Kits will include:
· Yeti Coffee Mug and the coffee to fill it…because we wouldn’t expect you to join us mid-morning without it!
· The yellow-brick road to all things your readers want to know about Verdesian Life Sciences and SEED+…AKA a QR code media kit.
· A leather padfolio to store your notes and your business cards.
· See-for-yourself grow kit to watch the results of SEED+

“We are so excited to share with key media partners the innovative technology of SEED+,” says Joe Vaillancourt, Product Line Manager at Verdesian. “We are confident you will come away understanding why.”