Dairy Checkoff Reaches Out to Gen Z

A new strategy to reach Gen Z during June Dairy Month was unveiled by Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) on Monday.

DMI is partnering with YouTubers and gaming influencers Captain Sparklez and Rosana Pansino to share how dairy helps them “Beat the Lag,” and enlist Gen Z to hack the ultimate gaming snack. DMI has also partnered with GoNoodle to develop Coach Terry’s Touchdown, an interactive game led by GoNoodle and the NFL’s PLAY 60 character, Coach Terry.

DMI held a press webinar to discuss the new strategies with:
Barbara O’Brien, President, Dairy Management Inc.
Anne Warden, Executive Vice President of Strategic Integration, Dairy Management Inc.
Popular Minecraft gamer Jordan Maron (aka “CaptainSparklez”)
California Gen Z dairy farmer Nevin Lemos

Dairy Checkoff Reaches Out to Gen Z (26:12)