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Happy Earth Day. This episode is being produced on the 2021 Earth Day and I’ve lost count of all the messages in my inbox or social media feeds as ag and food companies use the opportunity to bring focus to their efforts on caring for our environment. Agriculture has a lot to offer in the discussion on climate which has ramped up to a fever pitch under the new administration in Washington, DC.

So, let’s move on to this week’s program in which I have a conversation with Cameron Camfield, founder and CEO of Stratovation Group. Cam has lots of energy as you’ll hear in our discussion and he’s got it focused on working for his clients.

Stratovation GroupHelping clients build businesses through informed strategy, insightful innovation and relentless execution is the mission of the Stratovation Group, LLC, a new boutique consulting firm officially launched by business development expert Cameron Camfield, founder and CEO of the new company.

“I’ve spoken to many senior leaders who are coming out of this time of great upheaval with many, many questions,” says Camfield in announcing the new company. “We are setting up Stratovation to help them and their management teams find answers and efficiently, rapidly and profitably move ahead to better business.”

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 669 - Stratovation Group (17:34)

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