Register: Webinar Explores Lessons Learned From The 1980s Farm Crisis For Today’s Ag Business Leaders

Go beyond the popular “Escaping 1980” podcast to improve your decision making

AEI Premium invites agricultural decision makers to participate in a virtual event exploring lessons learned from its “Escaping 1980” podcast to be held on March 3 at 1 pm eastern. Farmers, agribusiness leaders, farm policy wonks, and students can click here to register for the free webinar.

Agricultural economists Brent Gloy and David Widmar will join host and rural journalist Sarah Mock to go behind the scenes of the podcast and unpack the applications for producers and agricultural professionals in 2021.

“We launched “Escaping 1980″ to see if the next farm crisis is actually avoidable,” said AEI Premium co-founder and “Escaping 1980” co-host David Widmar. “This special event will dig even deeper into actionable ways agriculture decision makers can apply lessons learned during the ’80s to navigate farm economics more effectively in the 21st century.”

The AEI Premium team will use what happened in the ’80s to help participants effectively navigate today’s market conditions by exploring these questions, and more:

● Is the ’80s farm crisis still impacting us today?
● Why should farm managers keep the ‘long run’ in mind in a ‘short run’ world?
● Can farm economic history help us understand the present and prepare for the future?
● How should producers best capitalize on market swings without ‘betting the farm’?
● What does the future of federal farm policy look like?

Click here to register for the free webinar. Interested in booking the Escaping 1980 team to present at your organization’s event? Click here to learn how you can bring this engaging, insightful dialogue to your audience.

“Escaping 1980” explores the causes, impacts, and lasting effects of one of the most infamous events in American agriculture history, the 1980s farm crisis. Stream all seven episodes of the podcast at Listeners can connect with AEI Premium on Twitter and Facebook to provide feedback.


About AEI Premium:

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David Widmar, Co-Founder