2021 Digital National Ethanol Conference

The Renewable Fuels Association 26th annual National Ethanol Conference, February 16-18, features a fully digital, interactive format for the first time ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 National Ethanol Conference information

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to digital media content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


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National Ethanol Conferences Through the Years 2007-2020

Audio Presentations and Interviews

Preview with RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper
2021 NEC Interview with Geoff Cooper, RFA 12:50

RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper State of the Industry Address
2021 NEC State of the Industry, Geoff Cooper, RFA 24:40

RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper press availability
2021 NEC Press Availability with RFA CEO Geoff Cooper 28:41

NEC Welcome – RFA Chair Jeanne McCaherty CEO, Guardian Energy
2021 NEC RFA Chair Jeanne McCaherty welcome 4:31

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-IL) – Driving Decarbonization with Ethanol
2021 NEC RFA Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) 13:28

RFA Honors Former Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson
2021 NEC Industry Award to Rep. Collin Peterson 7:20

Tapping New Markets for Higher Blends panel – RFA Director of Market Development Cassie Mullen
2021 NEC Interview with Cassie Mullen, RFA 8:38

NEC Panel to Discuss Ethanol’s Role in Future Autos – RFA VP of Industry Relations Robert White
2021 NEC Interview with Robert White, RFA 8:12

New Uses to Diversify Markets panel – RFA VP of Technical & Regulatory Affairs Kelly Davis
2021 NEC Interview with Kelly Davis, RFA 11:32

RFA Reports on 2020 Exports of Ethanol and DDGS – RFA Chief Economist Scott Richman
2021 NEC Interview with Scott Richman, RFA 6:33

Ethanol Industry Generated $35 Billion in GDP, Supported Over 300,000 Jobs in 2020
RFS Has Slashed GHG Emissions by Nearly a Billion Metric Tons to Date
RFA Chief Economist Scott Richman summarizes both reports
2021 NEC Interview with Scott Richman on economic and GHG reports 5:22

LCFS Policies and the RFS: Complementary or Conflicting? – Jarrett Whistance
Program Lead, Biofuel Market and Policy Analysis, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
2021 NEC presentation - Jarrett Whistance, FAPRI-MU 25:54