Daugherty Water for Food Podcast – Episode 5

Daugherty Water for Food PodcastThis episode of the Daugherty Water for Food podcast features a discussion on water law with the Nebraska Governance and Technology Center. Water regulations, and the subsidies and penalties that follow them, are not easy to change when a major weather event impacts water storage and use. As more and more weather events occur due to climate change, some advocates are suggesting that laws need to be more flexible and adaptable to promote equity.

DWFI executive director Peter McCornick co-hosts with Gus Hurwitz, the Menard director of the Nebraska governance and technology center at the University of Nebraska. Their guests include: meteorologist Rob Cifelli; water policy expert Felicia Marcus; UNL Associate Professor of Hydroinformatics and Integrated Hydrology Francisco Muñoz-Arriola; and UNL law professor Anthony Schutz.

Daugherty Water for Food Podcast Episode 5 53:59

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