New platform is connecting buyers and sellers of organic products to grow the organic food sector

Buyers and sellers in the organic food sector now have a new way to work together. Merge Marketplace, a new platform designed to connect organic producers with buyers of organic products, is now live. Buyers can list what they are in search of, while sellers can list their crops, livestock, and land. This new marketplace is hosted by Merge Organics, a consulting company that helps farmers establish organic, regenerative systems and field-level transparency to organic food supply chains.

“Our goal is to connect people in the organic farming and food space to help them grow their businesses,” says Ben Adolph, Principal at Merge Organics. “Think of Merge Marketplace as Craig’s List for organic producers and buyers. Connecting food companies and manufacturers, like mills, breweries, restaurants and more, directly with farmers, streamlines the process. It should also allow farmers to increase their margins. For buyers, it allows direct access for the crops they’re looking for, and the ability to connect with the source of those products… the farmer.”

When buyers and sellers sign up for Merge Marketplace they get immediate access to all opportunities hosted in the platform. Crop producers provide all relevant information with their “Crop for Sale” posting along with their “Producer Profile.” Buyers can decide which producer to buy from and engage directly with farmers.

In addition to listing crops or livestock for sale or wanted, landowners that are looking for organic farmers to rent their land can also list those opportunities on Merge Marketplace. “Everyday we talk with landowners who are looking for organic farmers, and with the increase for organic products, farmers are looking for more ground. Merge Marketplace gives landowners and farmers the ability to connect and work out rent/lease arrangements,” says Adolph.

To mark the launch, Merge Marketplace is offering anyone who signs up before the end of January 2021, 90 days free access. With a subscription you get unlimited listings, and there are no fees associated with buying, sourcing or selling on Merge Marketplace.

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About Merge Organics
At Merge Organics, our mission is to enhance the adoption of sustainable, regenerative, and organic production systems through the integration of strategy, sustainability management, and validation of field level practices. Through planning and implementation of the Merge Organics platform, our clients will experience top of the line support and consulting services.

Ben Adolph, Principal