Heliae® Agriculture Adds New Seed Treatment Product to Portfolio

Heliae® Agriculture is strengthening its product portfolio with the introduction of PhycoTerra® ST, a new seed treatment formulation specifically designed to supercharge the seed microbiome, improving the ability for soil to provide necessary water and nutrients to the developing seed and ultimately improving crop yield.

PhycoTerra® ST has a unique formulation that allows growers to tap into the potential of this product with lower user rates without sacrificing performance, providing a more consistent return on investment. The product is aimed at providing a quality carbon source to the seed/microbe interaction, which is the first “real world” point of contact for a seedling. This carbon source drives optimal microbiome around the seed, improving grower results in the field.

“Our goal at Heliae® Agriculture is to provide growers with the most effective tools to get the job done, and that means offering a seed treatment product that best fits their needs,” said Norm Davy, Chief Revenue Officer at Heliae® Agriculture. “PhycoTerra® ST is an effective product that offers growers a proven increase in yield and return on investment.”

PhycoTerra® ST has proven results on a variety of crops through testing across the major crop growing regions of the United States and Canada with an average yield increase of 6% and a proven success rate, taking yields and return on investment to the next level. In addition, this new product was designed to work in synergy with PhycoTerra® in-furrow, Heliae® Agriculture’s existing product that provides a balanced food for the soil microbiome to improve plant vigor and crop performance, even under stressed conditions.

“At Heliae® Agriculture, we believe in delivering solutions to growers to make regenerative agriculture possible today,” said Eric Lichtenheld, President and CEO of Heliae. “We know that success for growers starts with a good seed, and the introduction of PhycoTerra® ST means we can provide that healthy start for plants.”

To learn more about PhycoTerra® ST, including where to buy, please visit PhycoTerra.com.

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