Heliae, WinField United Canada Collaborate to Bring Regenerative Agriculture Technology, Profitability for Farmers on World Soil Health Day

Heliae® Agriculture announced today the collaboration with WinField® United Canada, an agriculture leader focused on long-term sustainability. This partnership will bring new value to ag retailers through assisting farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture practices.

Through this collaboration, WinField United will integrate the PhycoTerra® soil microbe food into their comprehensive product and technology offerings, starting November 19, 2020.

“At WinField United, we are helping to shape the future of Canadian Agriculture, as we get started with regenerative agriculture,” says Greg McDonald, General Manager at WinField United Canada. “We believe this partnership with Heliae® Agriculture will allow us to support retailers and farmers in Canada with innovative new technology that will provide regenerative agriculture solutions, as well as benefits for farmers that extend far beyond yields.”

Heliae® Agriculture is focused on developing microalgae products and bringing them to the market. The groundbreaking development of PhycoTerra® provides a balanced food for the soil microbiome to improve plant vigour and crop performance, even under stressed conditions.

Eric Lichtenheld, President and CEO of Heliae remarked, “This partnership opens the doors to Canadian farmers for an opportunity to improve soil structure to see dividends today while building the soil for future generations.”

WinField United is a well-recognized and respected distributor of agricultural products covering the Canadian market and provides products with proven performance. Both WinField United and Heliae® Agriculture are focused on providing regenerative agriculture solutions to retailers and farmers and believe in the benefits that PhycoTerra® and PhycoTerra® Organic bring to improving soil structure for Canadian crops.

“We are excited to form this partnership with WinField United; they have a remarkable history of ensuring farmers’ success and health of their fields[TB1] ,” said Norm Davy, Chief Revenue Officer of Heliae. “Through adding in our technology with PhycoTerra® and our dedication and research in the regenerative agriculture space, we will be able to expand our reach in assisting with soil health and improving land quality throughout Canada.”

PhycoTerra® helps multiply the abundance of beneficial microbes by as much as three times. Plants benefit directly from increased bio-available nutrients and stronger root and shoot growth. The environmental improvements include better water permeability, less soil erosion and runoff, and better crop management. Farmers have seen how PhycoTerra® improves soil resilience, plant vigour, and yields even under stressed conditions to help them reach their goals. The result is better crops for farmers and a better environment for everyone to enjoy.

For more information on PhycoTerra® and how it is driving regenerative agriculture forward contact Ron Taylor, General Manager for Heliae® Agriculture at rtaylor@heliae.com or visit PhycoTerra.com.


About Heliae Development, LLC
Heliae Development, LLC is a pioneering food and ag tech company located outside of Phoenix, Arizona. With the urgency required to meet global climate threats, Heliae focuses on researching and developing microalgae for commercial scale production of products and solutions that create world changing impacts. Heliae® Agriculture is on the path of understanding how a balanced soil microbiome improves plant vigor and marketable yields under stressed conditions, helping growers transition to regenerative agriculture practices. Find out more information about how Heliae is having a global impact at www.heliae.com.

About WinField United Canada
WinField United is a seed and crop protection business serving independently owned and operated agricultural retailers and seed dealers across North America. Through its recognized portfolios of agricultural products, services and expertise delivered under the WinField® United and CROPLAN® seed brand, the business supports ag retailers and seed dealers in helping farmers achieve high levels of success in the field. WinField United Canada ULC, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc., an agriculture and food co-operative located in Arden Hills, Minnesota, USA.

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