New Podcast Compares and Contrasts 1980s Farm Crisis With Today

“Escaping 1980” digs into one of the most infamous events in American agriculture history to learn what we can do to avoid the next crisis

AEI Premium, the online community for agricultural decision makers, launched a new podcast to help listeners better understand today’s farm economy by learning from the past.

“Escaping 1980” explores the causes, impacts, and lasting effects of one of the most infamous events in American agriculture history, the 1980s farm crisis.

Hosted by rural journalist Sarah Mock, “Escaping 1980” features agricultural economists Brent Gloy and David Widmar as they travel back in time to answer an important question: is today’s fretful farm economy showing signs of another crisis ahead?

“The way we remember the ’80s informs the way we think about the farm economy today,” said AEI Premium co-founder and “Escaping 1980” co-host David Widmar. “But to figure out if today is as bad as the 1980s, we have to start by answering a different question… what, exactly, happened during the 1980s?”

Farmers, agribusiness leaders, farm policy wonks, and students will each glean insights from the series. “Escaping 1980” explores timely, big-picture questions including:

– Can we head off an economic crisis before it begins?
– Does thinking about the ’80s as a single event – a “farm crisis”- even make sense?
– How can we tell when a “boom” period ends and a “bust” begins?
– Is it possible to compare the run-up to the 1980s with what happened in the early 2010s?
– What were the wrong lessons to learn from the ’80s?

Episodes are available to stream now at along with additional reading about the topics discussed on the show. “Escaping 1980” is available for download on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast platforms. Listeners can connect with AEI Premium on Twitter and Facebook to provide feedback.


About AEI Premium:

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