Syngenta Virtual Media Summit

The 2020 Syngenta Virtual Media Summit officially kicked off October 27 with a live event featuring Syngenta North America leaders.

Corporate Communications Lead Paul Minehart moderated the discussion:
Vern Hawkins, North America President of Syngenta Crop Protection
Trevor Heck, President, Syngenta Canada
Justin Wolfe, North America Regional Director, Syngenta Seeds

Each provided an update on their businesses, offered an industry outlook and discuss how Syngenta is “Leading the Way in the New Decade.”
Syngenta media summit live opening session (1 hour)

The summit included an update of the company’s U.S. crop protection products.

Corporate Communications Lead Paul Minehart moderated the discussion:
Jeff Cecil, North America Crop Protection Marketing Head
Shawn Potter, Head of Marketing, Seedcare
Lisa Moricle, Head of Fungicides and Insecticides Product Marketing
Kevin Gesse, Head, Herbicide Product Marketing

Each presenter provided an update on Syngenta products with the media summit theme, “Leading The Way In A New Decade.”
Syngenta media summit - U.S. Crop Protection Products/Updates (39:06)

Senior Manager of Federal Government and Industry Relations for Syngenta Mary KayThatcher provided her perspective on the “churn of the election” during the company’s media summit two days after the election. She does expect the presidential outcome to drag on for a while, but during her presentation, Thatcher used the assumption of a Biden presidency for her outlook.

Here is the full presentation, which refers to slides and includes media questions at the end.
Syngenta Media Summit presentation on election impacts (50:27)

The live summit presentation on November 11 featured “U.S. Seeds Present and Future: A look at early harvest results and sneak peek at corn and soybean advancements” Speakers were:

Eric Boeck, Head of Marketing For U.S. Seeds, Syngenta
G.W. Fuhr, Head of U.S. Branded Sales and Biofuels, Syngenta
Travis Kriegshauser, Strategic Soybean Marketing Manager, Syngenta
Drew Showalter, Strategic Marketing Manager – Corn, Syngenta

Syngenta Media Summit U.S. Seeds (50:36)

The final live event of the 2020 Syngenta Media Event focused on U.S. Seeds Research & Development. Speakers were:

Gusui Wu, Head, Seeds Research, Syngenta
Laura Potter, Global Head of Analytics & Data Sciences, Syngenta
Warren Kruger, Head Field Crops Seeds Development North America, Syngenta

Syngenta Media Summit U.S. Seeds R&D (59:12)