New Alltech ONE Virtual Session Focuses on Asia

The Asian Agri-Business session of the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience is underway this week. Kicking off the experience today was a young lady with an energetic spirit who began taking positive action to protect the environment before she was even a teenager.

Growing up near the rice fields and beaches of Bali, Melati Wijsen saw the impact of plastic waste firsthand, as it littered the landscape and endangered local wildlife. She was spurred into action, and at just 12 years old, Melati and her younger sister, Isabel, founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags, with a mission to rid the world of plastic bags and empower young people to take action.

Melati recently expanded her cause to develop the youth-led movement YOUTHTOPIA, and her Alltech ONE presentation focused on what this could mean for business leaders in Asia and around the world.

Interview with Melati Wijsen, YOUTHTOPIA (4:47)

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