FMH Expands Complete Farm Insurance Solutions with Dairy Revenue Protection

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH) today announced it will be offering the federal crop insurance product Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) beginning this July, further expanding FMH’s Complete Farm Insurance Solutions™ product suite.

DRP protects against losses in milk revenue caused by changes in market prices and production, giving dairy producers peace of mind when it comes to the challenge of selling milk at optimal prices.

As one of the top-ranking commodities in the United States, dairy is a new commodity for FMH to add to its range of farm insurance products. The company is already well known for its expertise in farm insurance, and FMH President and CEO Ron Rutledge said he looks forward to bringing FMH’s reputation for quality service into the dairy sector.

“There’s never been a more important time to protect dairy farmers and the industry than right now,” added Rutledge. “As America’s Crop Insurance Company, we are proud to be offering DRP, along with our other revenue protection products, during a time when there is much market uncertainty in America. Products like DRP ensure America’s producers can continue to farm and operate into next year.”

Since 1893, Farmers Mutual Hail has been dedicated to protecting America’s farmers with a wide range of farm insurance solutions. Today, the U.S.-based company offers federal and private crop insurance through independent insurance agents across the nation. In addition, FMH also provides auto, property, and liability coverage for farmers, and Precision Crop Insurance Solutions™, which uses the speed and accuracy of precision data to enhance crop insurance processes for both farmers and agents.

Producers interested in learning more about Dairy Revenue Protection can talk to their local FMH agent or visit


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