Results from NAMA #COVID19 Survey


The National Agri-Marketing Association just completed a simple survey of members with questions about their plans/intentions for the coming quarters of the year as well as the rest of the year as a whole. There were 212 respondents.

Here are a couple of the questions with tidbits from the results. You can see the full document online here.

For the remainder of 2020, how would you characterize marketing budgets for your brands, or your clients’ brands?
80 percent said that budgets are being reduced, shifted to other tactics or both and 20 percent said neither being reduced or shifting to other tactics.

In 2020, what level of planned market budget for new product / offer launches will now be allocated?
65 percent said slightly reduced, significantly reduced, launches cancelled, N/A – no planned launches in 2020 and 36 percent said staying the same, slight increase/

Feel free to add your thoughts or comments on this.