Southern States Coop Partners with Heliae® Agriculture to Bring Regenerative Agriculture to their Farmer Owners

GILBERT, AZ – Southern States Cooperative is partnering with Heliae® Agriculture to bring innovative, new products to farmers that improve yields while enhancing soil health. Soil health is the foundation of the practice of regenerative agriculture.

The selective distribution agreement announced today is a model for the future adoption of a ground-breaking approach developed by Heliae – to provide nutrients to growing crops through accelerated microbial growth while improving the health and structure of soils. After years in development, Heliae is carefully selecting a limited number of partners like Southern States Cooperative to introduce its soil microbe food to growers.

Southern States Cooperative is one of the largest farm supply retail and service cooperatives in the United States. Their team of agronomists and network of retail locations provide expert assistance to growers in Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, and bordering states. Introducing novel approaches and new products is part of the history of the Southern States Cooperative.

“We’re always looking for innovative tools for farmers and strive to utilize our experienced network of agronomists and precision agriculture platform to deliver additional value, in new ways. With an innovative product like PhycoTerra®, we can help growers maximize yields while improving soils,” says Sean Knapp, Executive Vice President of Agronomy with Southern States. “We are committed to helping farmers realize the full value of this new technology in the coming seasons”.

Heliae® Agriculture is focused on developing microalgae products and bringing them to the market. Its development of PhycoTerra® is considered groundbreaking because its application can simultaneously improve crop yields and soil health by feeding the soil microbes. Field results show the greatest rewards on challenging fields or when crop stressors are present.

“We are excited to partner with Southern States Cooperative, who has a proud history of helping farmers adopt the latest practices and are endorsing regenerative agriculture. PhycoTerra® is a foundational tool that will improve efficiency and the farmer’s bottom line, and build the soil for generations to come,” says Norm Davy, Chief Revenue Officer at Heliae® Agriculture. “The professional agronomists at Southern States Cooperative know the local crops and soil characteristics. In addition, their track record with precision agriculture makes them an excellent partner to lead the adoption of yield-enhancing, soil-building products like PhycoTerra®.”

PhycoTerra® multiplies the abundance of beneficial microbes by as much as three times. Plants benefit directly from increased bio-available nutrients and stronger root and shoot growth. The environmental improvements include better water permeability, less soil erosion and runoff, and better crop management. Farmers have seen how PhycoTerra® improves resilience, plant vigor, and marketable yields even under stressed conditions to help them reach their goals. The result is better crops for farmers and a better environment for everyone to enjoy.

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About Heliae Development, LLC
Heliae Development, LLC is a pioneering food and ag tech company located outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Heliae is focused on researching and developing microalgae for commercial scale production of products and solutions that can have world changing impacts on some of the most important challenges facing us today. Heliae® Agriculture is on the path of understanding how a balanced soil microbiome improves plant vigor and marketable yields under stressed conditions, helping growers’ transition to regenerative agriculture practices. Find out more information about how Heliae is having a global impact at

Shelley Baugh, Heliae Development, LLC
Global Marketing & Communications Manager

About Southern States
Southern States Cooperative is one of the largest farm supply retail and service cooperatives in the United States. The Richmond, VA-based cooperative serves over 1,200 retail outlets across 21 states, providing a wide range of farm inputs including: fertilizer, seed, livestock feed, pet food, animal health supplies, and petroleum products, as well as other items for the farm and home.

Jennifer Gwyn
Director, Marketing and Communications