Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting farmers and ranchers as they work to maintain a stable domestic food supply. Changes in consumer purchases, the closing of schools and restaurants, and the drop in fuel demand has caused a sharp decline in commodity prices. Farmers are challenged to find methods to get products to consumers. The American Farm Bureau Federation brought together farmers and policy experts to discuss the wide-ranging impacts of the pandemic on all types of agriculture and the need for disaster aid.

Participating in the discussion were:
-Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation
AFBF president Zippy Duvall on impacts COVID-19 on ag (3:23)

-Peter Bakken, cattle farmer in Minnesota
Comments from MN cattle farmer Peter Bakken (4:19)

-James Alderman, vegetable farmer in Florida
Comments from Florida vegetable grower Jim Alderman (4:50)

-Alan Reed, dairy farmer in Idaho
Comments from Idaho dairy farmer Alan Reed (4:05)

AFBF Economist Veronica Nigh on impact of 36% decline in ethanol production on DDGS for livestock feed and CO2 for meat processing.
AFBF Economist Veronica Nigh on ethanol declines (1:11)

Minnesota cattle producer Peter Bakken on using distillers grains for feed
MN cattle farmer Peter Bakken comments on DDGS supply (1:37)

Full press call –
AFBF Impact of COVID-19 on agriculture (58:57)