NBB Kicks Off 2020 Biodiesel Branding Program

The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) celebrated National Biodiesel Day this year by kicking off its 2020 vehicle branding program with the theme “Biodiesel: Better. Cleaner. Now!”

NBB encourages biodiesel users to promote their use of biodiesel and share its benefits by applying for matching funds to be used for vehicle branding initiatives which may include wraps, stickers, or other innovative efforts. Applications are available online and are due by April 30, 2020.

National Biodiesel Day is March 18 on the birthday of Rudolf Diesel, the man who invented the diesel engine with the original design to run on peanut oil.

NBB held a webinar Wednesday to discuss the vehicle wrap program. NBB Director of Communications Kaleb Little explains the program and Tim Keaveney of Hero BX talks about how the program has worked for them.

NBB Branding vehicle wrap program (10:07)