AMVAC® Announces 10 New Products in 2020

AMVAC®, an American Vanguard® company, announces 10 new products in 2020. The announcement is a result of the corporation’s successful legacy of acquisitions and its “Innovation with Speed and Discipline” product development process, concentrating on specific, customer-focused solutions.

“AMVAC’s recent product innovations have strengthened our crop protection portfolio allowing us to offer growers more trusted solutions. Our ‘10 in 2020’ demonstrates the aggressive pace of AMVAC’s continued success in offering growers products that solve their challenges,” said Senior Vice President of U.S. Crop Sales, Canada and Application Technology Scott Hendrix.

New products to AMVAC include a recent acquisition of four herbicide brands from Corteva Agriscience™. These products are complementary tank-mix partners for a variety of primary herbicides used in the U.S agricultural market. They are particularly valuable for enhancing weed control performance against increasing numbers of troublesome weed species. The products include:

• Classic® Herbicide: Expands the postemergence weed control spectrum in soybeans.
• FirstRate® Herbicide: Provides preemergence and postemergence control of key broadleaf weeds in soybeans.
• Hornet® Herbicide: Delivers postemergence broadleaf weed control of glyphosate resistant weeds in field corn.
• Python® Herbicide: Allows flexible broadleaf weed control in soybeans and field corn.

AMVAC also announces the developmental product Impact CORE™ Herbicide, a postemergence corn herbicide combining effective modes of action from a Group 15 residual herbicide with the power of Impact® Herbicide. Field studies have shown extended residual weed control in addition to control of more than 40 emerged annual grass and broadleaf weeds, including several glyphosate-resistant weeds. EPA registration of the product is expected in the first quarter of 2020.

In addition, AMVAC will soon launch a new glufosinate premix. This developmental product uses a proprietary formulation technology to combine the active ingredient found in Impact Herbicide to provide postemergence weed control in LibertyLink® corn. Registration of the herbicide is also expected in the first quarter of 2020.

AMVAC has selected COUNTER® Insecticide/Nematicide, broad spectrum AZTEC® HC Insecticide and zinc, a key micronutrient in corn, as the first products to be packaged in SmartCartridge™ containers and offered as part of SIMPAS™ Applied Solutions, pending EPA registration. SIMPAS (Smart Integrated Multi-Product Application System) is being introduced in a few select markets in 2020. A full launch is planned in 2021.

In addition, AMVAC recently announced its new herbicide – Surepyc IQ™ – a combination of two powerful chemistries for control of tough broadleaves and sedges in warm season turf. It’s the first line-extension for the Surepyc brand.

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Full press conference with –
Neil DeStefano, Director – Portfolio, Business Development, Marketing Communications Management
Nathaniel Quinn, Marketing Manager – Corn, Soybeans, Sugar Beet
Jim Lappin, Director – SIMPAS, Product Portfolio and Alliances
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Neil DeStefano
Director – Portfolio, Business Development, Marketing Communications Management
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