2019 ASTA CSS & Seed Expo

More than 2,500 seed industry professionals from 36 countries attend America’s largest seed industry conference each year. A time-honored tradition each December in Chicago, the 2019 CSS & Seed Expo features essential networking and educational opportunities as well as a huge trade show.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2019 ASTA CSS & Seed Expo photos

ASTACSS19 Remarks by Dan Basse, AgResource (1:00:00)

ASTACSS19 Interview with Dan Basse, AgResource (8:52)

ASTACSS19 remarks from ASTA chair Wayne Gale and CEO Andy LaVigne (7:48)

ASTA leadership interviews
ASTACSS19 Interview with ASTA Chair Wayne Gale, Stokes Seeds (10:25)

ASTACSS19 Interview with ASTA 1st Vice Chair John Latham, Latham Seeds (8:23)

ASTACSS19 Interview with ASTA 2nd Vice Chair Brad May, BASF (4:49)

ASTACSS19 Interview with ASTA CEO Andy LaVigne (9:10)

ASTA Announces Winner of Third Annual “Better Seed, Better Life” Student Video Contest
ASTACSS19 Interview with video contest winner Kevin Falk (4:21)

Farmer of the Future research
ASTACSS19 Interview with Brett Sciotto - Aimpoint Research (7:07)

Thriving Amongst the Giants
ASTACSS19 Scott Beck, Beck's Hybrids (14:02)

ASTACSS19 John Latham, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds (8:34)

ASTACSS19 Myron Stine, Midwest Oilseeds (8:38)

ASTACSS19 John Wyffels, Wyffels Hybrids (10:43)

A New Look at Corn and Soybean Production
ASTACSS19 Emerson Nafziger - University of Illinois (31:12)

ASTACSS19 Gary Ury, BASF (31:12)

Next Generation Wheat Markets
ASTACSS19 Mark Gold, Top Third Ag Marketing (22:21)

ASTACSS19 Jeffrey Koscelny, Bayer (20:06)

ASTACSS19 Jody Pollok-Newsom, MI Wheat Program (23:18)

Hemp Seed Opportunities & Challenges
ASTACSS19 Hemp session - Pat Miller, ASTA (14:46)

ASTACSS19 Wendy Mosher, New West Genetics (51:11)

ASTACSS19 Hemp Genetics International (23:20) Garry Meier and Jeff Kostuik

New Breeding Technologies
ASTACSS19 Peggy Ozias-Akins University of Georgia, NAPB (20:34)
ASTACSS19 Interview with Peggy Ozias-Akins, UGA, NAPB (3:35)

ASTACSS19 Mark Stowers, Inari Agriculture (18:41)

ASTACSS19 Travis Bayer - Sound Agriculture (18:41)
ASTACSS19 Interview with Travis Bayer, Sound Ag (3:20)

ASTACSS19 Jesse Poland - Kansas State University (29:10)

Holistic Solutions Approach to IPM
ASTACSS19 Jennifer Riggs, BASF (20:50)

ASTACSS19 Gregory Tylka, Iowa State University (22:08)

ASTACSS19 Nathan Kleczewski, University of Illinois (23:21)

The ASTA Challenge Session on Biologicals: Answers from Key Players
ASTACSS19 Adil Anjem - Bayer (11:17)

ASTACSS19 Todd Mayhew - Valent USA Corporation (12:09)

ASTACSS19 Mike McFatrich - NewLeaf Symbiotics (16:17)
ASTACSS19 Interview with Mike McFatrich, NewLeaf Symbiotics (6:30)

ASTACSS19 Pamela Calvo Velez - BASF (16:44)

ASTACSS19 Alex Cochran - Corteva Agriscience (21:42)

Exhibitor Interviews
ASTACSS19 Interview with Jess Bollinger, Arable Labs (3:36)

ASTACSS19 Interview with Mark Self, Clariant (5:03)

ASTACSS19 Interview with Pamela Calvo Velez, BASF (5:23)

ASTACSS19 Interview with Jennifer Riggs, BASF (9:35)

ASTACSS19 Interview with Ruhiyyih Dyrdahl-Young, BASF (4:14)