2019 NAFB Convention

National Association of Farm Broadcasting

The 2019 National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention takes place, as usual, at the Westin in Kansas City, MO. This virtual ag newsroom will provide you some great content with interviews, speakers and photos as we get them.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2019 NAFB Convention Photo Album


Interview with NAFB 2019-20 President Rita Frazer, RFD Radio Network:
NAFB19 Interview with Rita Frazer, RFD Radio (12:00)

Interview with NAFB 2018-19 President Lorrie Boyer:
NAFB19 Interview with Lorrie Boyer, KSIR (5:45)

Interview with Kolt Buchenroth, Ohio State University & Casey Allen, BASF – Grow Smart Scholarship Winner:
Interview with Kolt Buchenroth & Casey Allen (1:21)

Fireside Chat with Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue:
NAFB19 Fireside Chat with Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue (36:45)

Ethanol question and answer – Sonny Perdue, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture:
Sec. Perdue ethanol comments (3:42)

Prospects of a Prosperous Dairy Economy – former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, U.S. Dairy Export Council
Tom Vilsack, Prospects of a Prosperous Dairy Economy (58:00)

Farm Economy: How Do We Keep From Repeating the 80s? Moderated by former Secretary of Agriculture John Block
David Schemm, State Executive Director for Kansas Farm Service Agency; Dale Durchholz, principal of Grain Cycles; and Missouri farmer Garrett Riekhof, owner of GR Farms
NAFB19 Farm Economy Session (63:00)

The Future of Transportation & Infrastructure for Ag Commodities
Ken Eriksen, IHS Markit; Paul Rohde, Waterways Council, Inc.;
NAFB19 Transportation Session (50:00)

FMC Interviews

YouTube video interviews:
NAFB19 Matt Wiggins, FMC
NAFB19 Brandon Schrage, FMC

Audio interviews:
Brandon Schrage, FMC Technical Service Manager, discusses how growers can regain the upper hand on weeds in 2020; and what insect and diseases were trending in 2019, including tar spot and soybean gall midge
NAFB19 Brandon Schrage, FMC - weed control (4:25)

NAFB19 Brandon Schrage, FMC - insect and disease challenges (3:54)

Matthew Wiggins, FMC Technical Services Manager, discusses new herbicide expected to be registered in 2020 – Authority Edge; new in-furrow fungicide called XY Way 3D; and how Lucento fungicide performed in year one.

NAFB19 Matt Wiggins, FMC - Authority Edge herbicide (3:13)

NAFB19 Matt Wiggins, FMC - XY Way 3D in-furrow fungicide (2:55)

NAFB19 Matt Wiggins, FMC - Lucento fungicide (2:59)

FMC NAFB19 virtual newsroom

AMVAC Interviews

YouTube video interviews:
NAFB19 Nathaniel Quinn, AMVAC
NAFB19 Jim Lappin, AMVAC

Audio interviews:
Neil DeStefano, Portfolio and Marketing Communications Management Director, discusses AMVAC’s 50th year as a global crop protection company serving agriculture, their growing portfolio and robust pipeline of new products in the next three years.
NAFB19 Neil DeStefano, AMVAC (3:27)

Nathaniel Quinn, Crop Marketing Manager – Corn, Soybeans, & Sugar Beets, talks about AMVAC’s new herbicide products that will launch in 2020, and Assure II® herbicide, the most recent addition to the AMVAC portfolio
NAFB19 Nathaniel Quinn, AMVAC (6:15)

Jim Lappin, SIMPAS Commercial Manager, speaks to the latest updates on the SIMPAS application system
NAFB19 Jim Lappin, AMVAC (6:35)

Trade Talk Interviews
NAFB19 Brian Jennings, American Coalition for Ethanol (5:57)

NAFB19 Gwendolyn Kitzan, American Lamb Board (4:52)

NAFB19 Wayne Gale, American Seed Trade Association (3:02)

NAFB19 Nick Fassler, BASF (3:52)

NAFB19 Kate Greif, BASF (4:15)

NAFB19 Paula Halabicki, BASF (3:21)

NAFB19 Jody Gander, Bayer (7:14)

NAFB19 AJ Hohmann, Bayer (3:45)

NAFB19 Josh VanDeWalle, Bayer (5:08)

NAFB19 Faith Larson, Grain Bridge (4:41)

NAFB19 Lance Ruppert, GROWMARK (5:15)

NAFB19 Jenni Badding, John Deere (6:09)

NAFB19 Ryan Pearcy, Mahindra (6:46)

NAFB19 Kaleb Little, National Biodiesel Board - policy (4:46)

NAFB19 Kaleb Little, National Biodiesel Board - conference (2:13)

NAFB19 Greg Anderson, NBB soybean farmer leader (6:49)

NAFB19 Colin Woodall, National Cattlemen's Beef Association (4:18)

NAFB19 David Newman, National Pork Board (8:25)

NAFB19 Dr. Lisa Becton, National Pork Board (4:00)

NAFB19 Geoff Cooper, Renewable Fuels Association (11:10)

NAFB19 Robert White, Renewable Fuels Association (8:50)

NAFB19 Mary Kay Thatcher, Syngenta (3:36)

NAFB19 Keenan McRoberts, United Soybean Board (5:02)

NAFB19 Richard Fordyce, USDA Farm Service Agency (1:09)

NAFB19 Darren Armstrong, US Grains Council (4:26)

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