2019 Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exposition

Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Expo

The inaugural Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exposition takes place in Orlando, FL. With an expectation of 200 attendees the actual number is about 450 according to conference coordinator, Gene Jones.

The Florida Industrial Hemp Conference and Exhibition will focus on the development of the industrial hemp industry in Florida. Conference related topics include, but are not limited to:

Hemp Market Forecast
Federal and State Regulations and Legislation
Food Supplement and Nutritional Applications
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Applications
Growing, Cultivation and Harvesting Industrial Hemp
Crop Components: Seeds, Greens, Core Fiber, Root, Bast Fiber
Construction and Manufacturing Applications
Bio-Composites Applications and Research
Textiles Applications
Pulp and Paper Applications
Waste Processing and Handling
Analytical Testing


2019 Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exposition Photo Album


Organizer Gene Jones talks about how the first Florida Industrial Hemp Conference turned out and if there will be a second.
Interview with Gene Jones, FL Industrial Hemp Conference (5:54)

Keynote speaker – Holly Bell, Director of Cannabis, Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services
Interview with Holly Bell, FDACS (6:45)

Federal Hemp Policy – Interview with Geoff Whaling, Chairman, National Hemp Association
Interview with Geoff Whaling, National Hemp Assoc. (15:22)

Research – Interview with Jerry Fankhauser, Industrial Hemp Program Logistics Coordinator, Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, UF-IFAS
Interview with Jerry Fankhauser, UF-IFAS (9:13)

Growing Hemp – Interview with Joe Gordhamer, CEO, Intergro
Interview with Intergro CEO Joe Gordhamer (4:46)

Advocacy – Interview with Joshua Littrell, Founder, Veterans for Cannabis
Interview with Joshua Littrell, Veterans for Cannabis (4:24)

Investments – Interview with Allen Witters, Senior managing partner and CEO, Gravitas Infinitum
Interview with Allen Witters, Gravitas Infinitum (14:00)

Health and Wellness – Interview with Dr. Jenny Wilkins, ageVital
Interview with Dr. Jenny Wilkins (8:18)

Regulation and Legislation –
Interview with Eric Stevens, Executive Director, Florida Hemp Council
Interview with Eric Stevens, FL Hemp Council (7:57)

Session audio

Opening Session: Federal and State Policy Overview for Industrial Hemp
Gene Jones, Co-Founder, Florida Industrial Hemp Conference & Exhibition
Moderator: Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey, President, The Florida Hemp Association
Panel participants:
Holly Bell, Director of Cannabis, Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services
Dr. Eric Rohrig, Chief – Bureau of Methods Development and Biological Control, Division of Plant Industry Florida Department of Agricultural & Consumer Services
Allen Witters, Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Gravitas Infinitum and Gravitas Kannavis
Roger Brown, CEO/President, ACS Laboratory
Doug Warren, COO, Sunshine Hemp
Paula Savchenko, Esq., Associate Attorney, Mofffa, Sutton & Donnini, P.A.
Tara Tedrow, Chair, Cannabis and Controlled Substances Group, Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
FL Industrial Hemp Conference opening session (2 hour session)

Industrial Hemp Research Projects
University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS)
Jerry Fankhauser, Industrial Hemp Program Logistics Coordinator, Assistant Director, Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
Dr. Zachary Brym, Industrial Hemp Program Research Coordinator, Assistant Professor, Agronomy
Dr. Brian J. Pearson, Assistant Professor—Landscape, Ornamental, and Protected Crop Management
Dr. S. Luke Flory, Associate Professor, Agronomy
FL Industrial Hemp Conference research session (1.5 hours)