Suterra Introduces CheckMate®Puffer®NOW Ace™

Global pheromone leader offers an improved one-per-acre aerosol formulation that allows
growers to effectively reduce Navel Orangeworm (NOW) damage,deploy faster and save money

BEND, Ore. – Nov. 1, 2019 – Suterra today announced the launch of CheckMate® Puffer® NOW Ace™, a new aerosol pheromone formulation for season-long Navel Orangeworm (NOW) control in almonds, pistachios, walnuts, figs and other crops where NOW is present.

“California tree nut growers are very concerned about the serious and increasing threat Navel Orangeworm poses, with damage costs soaring over a thousand dollars per acre in some areas” said Suterra Technical Manager Greg Montez. “This pest is well established in California’s Central Valley and it is spreading its range northward. Resistance of NOW to some insecticides has been documented, and the role Navel Orangeworm plays in aflatoxin contamination of the harvested crop means that its damage will impact many more growers in seasons to come.”

New for the 2020 growing season, CheckMate Puffer NOW Ace features twice the active ingredient per can as Suterra’s previous NOW Puffer formulation, enabling growers to deploy fewer units in the field, one unit per acre, and achieve the same control as the company’s prior mating disruption product.

“Suterra’s trials and a long history of commercial use have shown that mating disruption, as part of a comprehensive integrated pest management program, cuts Navel Orangeworm damage by more than 50 percent,” said Suterra Product Development Director Dani Casado, Ph.D. “With Suterra’s CheckMate Puffer NOW Ace, growers can spend less per acre, save on labor and increase profits from a cleaner crop.”

CheckMate Puffer NOW Ace is part of Suterra’s pioneering portfolio of mating disruption products for pest control. Mating disruption is an effective, sustainable pest control solution used by growers all over the world. Female sex pheromones are released in the orchard to reduce adult males’ ability to find females. This disrupts the mating cycle, suppresses pest populations and helps address insecticide resistance without harming beneficial insects. As part of integrated pest management program, mating disruption can significantly reduce damage.

Pest control specialists and growers interested in learning more about CheckMate Puffer NOW Ace and how mating disruption can reduce damage in their crops should contact their distributor or reach out to a Suterra sales representative by emailing

About Suterra
Grower-owned by The Wonderful Company, Suterra is part of one of the world’s largest agricultural companies and the global leader in pheromone pest control products. Leveraging over 30 years of experience, Suterra produces hundreds of products used in growing regions across six continents, including over 400,000 acres in California.

Suterra’s state-of-the-art facility in Bend, Oregon integrates all aspects of the business under one roof: research and development, large-scale pheromone synthesis, product engineering and manufacturing. Suterra’s pest control solutions come in several different forms including proprietary aerosol emitters, sprayable formulations, passive membrane dispensers and specialized monitoring lures.

Suterra demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the Clean Orchard Promise™ – a nationwide recycling and refurbishment program that ensures no Puffer® materials remain in the fields without additional cost to the grower.

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