Part of a new line of chitin-based products, PreBiotech enhances the beneficial microbial community to improve plant vigor and help defend against crop stress

(CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, September 9, 2019) Agricultural Solutions, a subsidiary of Intergro, Inc. dedicated to the development of sustainable innovations to improve agriculture through the enhancement of plant and soil microbiomes, has launched a new portfolio of products. Registrations are being obtained in the U.S. for patent-pending microbial-based formulations that help improve soil and plant health, as well as stress resistance.

NutriBoom™: A line of natural fertilizers (NutriBoom, NutriBoom Powder and NutriBoom Plus) scientifically proven to stimulate the soil microbiome, particularly microbes associated with the biological control of plant pathogens and parasitic nematodes, to improve soil health for greater root and plant vitality.

PreBiotech™: A foliar application that enhances biological fungicide programs by facilitating the establishment and persistence of biocontrol organisms on the surface of plant tissue to boost defense mechanisms against stress and disease.

The active ingredient in the products is chitin, a natural material derived from crustacean meal, which Agricultural Solutions sources from North, Central and South America. Unused crab and/or lobster shells are milled to various levels of fineness, depending on their application. When used within an integrated systems-based approach, chitin-based amendments provide a food source for beneficial microbes, altering the microbial community composition in the soil or on the plant in favor of those associated with improved plant growth and vitality, as well as disease and pest suppression.

“At Intergro, we are leading the way in finding agricultural solutions powered by nature,” said Joe Gordhamer, Intergro CEO. “After years of research, trials, and closely working with our grower partners, we are delighted to introduce these powerful new tools to help growers get the most out of their crops. As the first foliar prebiotic to market, PreBiotech represents an exciting new frontier in crop management.”

Agricultural Solutions products may be applied to a variety of conventional and organic crops, including fruiting vegetables, nuts, stone fruit, hemp, berries, grapes, commodity crops, roots and tubers, pome fruit, citrus, specialty crops and leafy greens. Registrations are pending in some states. Trial results are available upon request.

About Agricultural Solutions
Agricultural Solutions is wholly dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable innovations to improve plant vigor and crop production for a growing global population. With a portfolio of safe, non-toxic, naturally derived products, and the expertise to assist growers in their application, Agricultural Solutions helps growers get the maximum returns from their crops, with enhanced quality and yield across various growing locations and soil types. To learn more, visit

About Intergro
For over 40 years, Intergro has supported the global agricultural industry with innovative supplies and technologies to help growers cultivate and protect their crops. Intergro’s selection of premium plastic mulch films, drip irrigation tape, twine, stakes and buckets is sourced globally with focus on providing the greatest value to customers so that they can overcome the technical challenges impacting all phases of crop production and drive financial success. Their portfolio of microbial-based bioenhancers is produced by subsidiary, Agricultural Solutions. With a customer-first mindset, Intergro is dedicated to maintaining proper product specifications and working with the world’s most skilled manufacturers to provide premium offerings at great values. To learn more, visit

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