US-EU Beef Trade Deal Signed

President Donald J. Trump congratulated members of the nation’s beef cattle industry Friday as the United States and the European Union signed an agreement that is expected to nearly triple the duty-free access for high quality U.S. beef exports to Europe. .

“This is a tremendous victory for American farmers, ranchers, and, of course, European consumers because American beef is considered the best in the world,” said President Trump during the signing ceremony at the White House on Friday. “In year one, duty-free American beef exports to the EU will increase by 46 percent. Over seven years, they will increase by another 90 percent. In total, the duty-free exports will rise from $150 million to $420 million, an increase of over 180 percent.”

Among other beef industry representatives, the president was joined by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) president Jennifer Houston.

Listen to comments from President Trump, Houston and other participants at the signing ceremony:
US-EU Beef Trade Deal signing