2019 Southern Peanut Growers Conference

“Super Farmers Grow Super Peanuts” is the theme for the 21st Annual Southern Peanut Growers Conference, July 18-20, at the Edgewater Beach & Golf Resort, Panama City Beach, Florida. The three-day event provides farmers with information about peanut production, legislative issues, marketing and promotions.

The event includes the Alabama Peanut Producers Association, the Florida Peanut Producers Association, the Mississippi Peanut Growers Association and the Georgia Peanut Commission.

Southern Peanut Growers Conference Blog

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2019 Southern Peanut Growers Conference Photo Album


State Peanut Grower Execs
2019 SPGC Interview with Jacob Davis, Alabama Peanut Producers Association

2019 SPGC Interview with Ken Barton, Florida Peanut Producers Association

2019 SPGC Interview with Don Koehler, Georgia Peanut Commission

2019 SPGC Interview with Malcolm Broome, Mississippi Peanut Growers Association

Program participants
Parker Wallace of Parker’s Plate talks about peanuts as a super food
2019 SPGC Interview with Parker Wallace, Parker's Plate

Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) discusses rural broadband access and on-going post-hurricane disaster recovery
2019 SPGC Interview Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA)

Farm Press Peanut Efficiency Award winner Joe Morgan, Hattiesburg, MS
2019 SPGC Interview Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA)

Session Audio

“Peanuts Rise to Superfood” panel remarks
2019 SPGC panel - Parker Wallace, Parker’s Plate

2019 SPGC panel - Sherry Coleman Collins, National Peanut Board

2019 SPGC panel - Dr. Samara Sterling, The Peanut Institute

“Super Research for Super Farmers” panel remarks
2019 SPGC panel Dr. Soraya Bertioli, University of Georgia

2019 SPGC panel Dr. Edward Barnes, Cotton Incorporated

“Trade and Market Update” panel remarks
2019 SPGC Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA)

2019 SPGC George Lovatt, Lovatt & Rushing

2019 SPGC Dr. Stanley Fletcher, Center for Rural Prosperity & Innovation at ABAC

2019 SPGC Industry Trade Panel Discussion

Bob Redding, The Redding Firm
Don Koehler, Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade
Karl Zimmer, American Peanut Shellers Association
Joe Parker, National Peanut Buying Points Association

Conference Sponsors
2019 SPGC Interview with Abraham Fulmer, BASF

2019 SPGC Interview with Bruce Stripling, FMC

2019 SPGC Interview with Lyle Stewart, Syngenta

2019 SPGC Interview with John Altom, Valent

2019 SPGC Interview with Travis Kelly, Vantage Southeast

2019 SPGC Interview with Tony Brunson, Corteva

2019 SPGC Interview with Jared Moore, Farmers Business Network