Ag Media Summit Announces New Manager

Tina Bowling

The new manager for Ag Media Summit is Tina Bowling, president of Innovative Association Management Solutions (IAM Solutions) for almost 12 years. She has also served as executive director for both the American Forage and Grassland Council and the Western Seed Association. Bowling is based in Berea, in east central Kentucky, and graduated from the state’s Morehead University.

She will attend the 2019 AMS July 27-31 to ensure a smooth transition into the 2020 event. To get to know her better, Bowling did a Q&A for the AAEA newsletter:

Q: Why do we have a separate Ag Media Summit conference manager now vs. staffs of AAEA and LPC?

A: AMS has been very successful through the years and both groups wanted some changes so that the AAEA and LPC staffs could focus on their organizations. I’ll be responsible for providing conference and event planning, and consultation. All groups will continue to work together and are excited about the future of AMS.

Q: Why were you interested in the job?

A: I enjoy conference planning and working with agriculture organizations so this seemed like an excellent fit.

Q: What do you think will be the most challenging part of the job?

A: The transition is always a challenge as it is an attempt to learn 20 years of information and history as quickly as possible. However, I am extremely fortunate to have support from Diane, Samantha and the Steering Committee to provide all the resources necessary for success.