Water for a Hungry World Conference

The Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska (DWFI) hosts the 2019 Water for Food Global Conference April 29-30 at Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The conference will convene leading international experts and organizations to discuss “Water for a Hungry World: Innovation in Water and Food Security,” focusing on the next generation of research, smart technology, policy development and best practices that are achieving breakthroughs in this vitally important mission. The conference headlines a week of water and food security-related presentations, side events, networking opportunities and tours.

Over 100 speakers and global experts address the topic and more than 350 participants from throughout the U.S. and 12 countries share ideas and help find solutions to the world’s pressing water and food security challenges.

You can find more details on the agenda, including session participants online here.

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2019 Water for Food Global Conference


Overview interview of the conference with Peter McCornick, Executive Director, Water for Food Institute: Interview with Peter McCornick, DWFI executive director

Interview with Mark Edge, Bayer, support of the work of the Institute:
Interview with Mark Edge, Bayer

Interview with the Irrigation Association: Deborah Hamlin, CEO, Irrigation Association; Brent Mecham, Industry Development Director, Irrigation Association; Aric Olson, President, Jain Irrigation:
Interview with Irrigation Association

Interview with Conference attendee Grace Mukarusagara, Rwanda:
Interview with Grace Mukarusagara

Interview with Conference attendee Elisa Zancanaro Zanella, Brazil:
Interview with Elisa Zancanaro Zanella

Presentations and Panels

Welcoming Remarks from Mike Boehm, Vice President and Vice Chancellor of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska: Opening remarks from Mike Boehn, University of Nebraska

Opening Remarks from Peter McCornick, Executive Director, Water for Food Institute:
Opening remarks from Peter McCornick

“How the Irrigation Industry is Driving the Future through Efficient Technologies,” Deborah Hamlin, CEO, Irrigation Association:
Presentation by Deborah Hamlin, Irrigation Association

“Sustainable Solutions for Water & Food Security – Business Perspectives,” Mark Edge, Director of Collaborations for Developing Countries, Bayer:
Presentation by Mark Edge, Bayer

“Supporting Profitable & Sustainable, Farmer-led Agriculture” Session:
Farmer-led Agriculture Breakout Session

“It’s Irrigation, Jim, But NOT as We Know It,” Insights From a Synthesis Report, DFID-ESRC Growth Research Programme, Bruce Lankford, Professor of Water and Irrigation Policy, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom:
Presentation by Bruce Lankford

“Harnessing Innovation for Sustainable Water Management,” Presented by Sally Rockey, Executive Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research:
Presentation by Sally Rockey

“Developing Strategic Framework for Drought Risk Management and Improving Drought Monitoring Tools for Africa.” Presented by Tsegaye Tadesse, Ph.D., Research Professor, National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska:
Presentation by Tsegaye Tadesse

“Water Quality, Nutrition and Climate Change Session”:
Panel on Water Quality

Welcome remarks on day two from Ronnie Green, Chancellor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln:
Remarks from Ronnie Green

“A Water Secure World for All: Sustaining Water Resources, Delivering Services, Building Resilience”
Presented by Jennifer Sara, Senior Director, Water Global Practice, World Bank Group:
Presentation by Jennifer Sara

“Water and Food Security in the State of Bahia, Brazil,” Presented by Leonardo Góes Silva, Secretary of Water Infrastructure and Sanitation, State of Bahia, Brazil:
Presentation by Leonardo Góes Silva

“Technology and Resilience in Irrigated Row Crop Systems, Hannah Birgé, Water & Agriculture Program Manager, The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska”:
Presentation by Hannah Birgé

“Nebraska Strong: Rebuilding after Historic Flood,” Steve Nelson, President, Nebraska Farm Bureau:
Presentation by Steve Nelson

“Malawai – USA via The Netherlands: How My Career Path Changed My Perspectives,” Mavuto Banda, graduate student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln & IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (The Netherlands):
Presentation by Mavuto Banda

View From the Field Session with Farmers and Those Helping Farmers:
View From the Field Session

Closing Remarks from Peter McCornick, Executive Director, Water for Food Institute:
Closing Remarks from Peter McCornick

Heuermann Lecture – “Managing Water and Agriculture for Sustainable Food Security” – Mark Rosegrant, Research Fellow Emeritus, International Food Policy Research Institute:
Heuermann Lecture