BASF FiberMax Event & TCGA Trade Show

BASF recently celebrated cotton growers who achieved four-bale or greater yields by welcoming them to the exclusive FiberMax® One Ton Club™ for their 2018 harvest results. Additionally, the FiberMax Maximizer Club™, now in its third year, recognized growers with dryland cotton fields yielding at least 1,000 pounds per acre with FiberMax varieties.

The combined event was held during the 2019 Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association Annual Meeting & Cotton Trade Show in Lubbock, TX. It was the 112th annual meeting/trade show.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2019 BASF Maximizer & One Ton Club Award Banquet Photo Album

2019 TCGA Trade Show Photo Album


Monty Christian, Head of Global Cotton, BASF: Interview with Monty Christian

Steve Nichols, Global Agronomic Services, Cotton, BASF: Interview with Steve Nichols

Larry Black, President, TCGA and Manager at Central Rolling Plains Co-op: Interview with Larry Black

Steve Verett, Executive Vice President, Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.: Interview with Steve Verett

Grower Interviews

Brian Rhodes, Cotton Grower, Arizona: Interview with Brian Rhodes

Louis Davis, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Louis Davis

Craig McCloy, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Craig McCloy

Mark Howard, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Mark Howard

Rickey Bearden, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Rickey Bearden

Barry Evans, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Barry Evans

Greg Martin, Cotton Grower, Texas: Interview with Greg Martin