2019 Bayer AgVocacy Forum

Bayer once again hosts its annual AgVocacy Forum, bringing together Bayer leadership, experts and thought leaders to speak with 60 U.S.-based journalists and influencers on the opportunities and challenges facing ag. The event takes place prior to the 2019 Commodity Classic. Session topics include the latest ag innovations, shifting consumer preferences and emerging trends like urban farming.

Also included here are audio, video and photos from Bayer activities at Commodity Classic.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to digital media content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


2019 Bayer AgVocacy Forum Photo Album


Day One presentations

Driving Demand: How to address the effects of trade and consumer preferences: Dan Basse, AgResource, and Brandon McFadden, University of Delaware Economics Professor –
Driving Demand Session

Envisioning the Future: Technology’s Impact on our Food System: Vonnie Estes, VP of Technology, Produce Marketing Association; Nikolas Badminton, Futurist and Strategic Advisor –
Technology's Impact on our Food System Session

The Future of Food: Consumer and Industry Perspectives on Gene Editing Technology: Dr. Fred Gmitter Jr., University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center –
Future of Food Gene Editing Session

The Future of Food: Cross Industry Insights on Plant-Based Diets and Cellular Agriculture: Andrew Noyes, Head of Communications, JUST; John Reich, Scientific Program Director, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research; Kevin Kester, 2018 President, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association; Lisa Lundy, Associate Professor, University of Florida –
Future of Food Plant-Based Diets & Cellular Agriculture

Driving Innovation Forward: Bob Reiter, Global Head of Research and Development, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer; Lisa Safarian, President and Head of Commercial Operations for Crop Science, North America, Bayer –
Driving Innovation Forward Session

Day Two Presentations

Developing Urban Farming Solutions: Insights from an Agritect – Yara Nagi, Director of Operations, Agritecture
Yaga Nagi, Agritecture

Let’s Talk Water: Achieving More with Less – Marshall Moutenot, Co-Founder, Upstream Tech
Marshall Moutenot, Upstream Tech

The Changing Landscape: Defining the Next Generation of Growers
Carl Lippert, Grass Ridge Farm and FeedX; Jenny Burgress, Burgess Hill Farm; Kamal Bell, Sankofa Farms
Next Generation Growers panel

View from the Farm: Grower Perspectives
Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch; Jeff Wilson, Cotton Hills Farm; Michelle Erickson-Jones (BigSkyFarmHer) Erickson Farms; Scott McPheeters, McGrain Farms and Nebraska Ethanol Board member
Grower perspective panel


Bob Reiter, Ph.D., Global Head of R&D, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer
Interview with Bob Reiter, Bayer

Lisa Safarian, President and Head of Commercial Operations, Crop Science, North America, Bayer
Interview with Lisa Safarian, Bayer

Bayer Supports Youth in Agriculture, 4H and beyond – Darren Wallis, VP North America Communications, Crop Science
Interview with Darren Wallis, Bayer

Controlling the Weed Seed Bank – Arlene Cotie, Bayer Sr. Product Development Mgr
Interview with Arlene Cotie, Bayer

Bayer Invests in What’s Next – Jak Knowles, Vice President, Venture Investments
Interview with Jak Knowles, Venture Investments

Pollinators and Their Habitat – Aimee Hood, Regulatory Science Communications Lead, Bayer
Interview with Aimee Hood, Bayer

Matt Bennett, Channel consultant for grain marketing
Interview with Matt Bennett, Channel

Brent Craig, North America SeedGrowth business manager
Interview with Brent Craig, Bayer SeedGrowth

Pete Uitenbroek, DEKALB Asgrow Marketing Lead
Interview with Pete Uitenbroek, DEKALB Asgrow

Ryan Rubischko, North America Dicamba Portfolio Lead
Interview with Ryan Rubischko, ExtendiMax

Brett Sitzmann, Director of Product Marketing, The Climate Corporation
Interview with Brett Sitzmann, Climate Corp

Becky Langer, Bayer U.S. Forward Farm Initiative Project Manager
Interview with Becky Langer, Bayer

Brett Ochs, Channel Brand Corn Product Manager
Interview with Brett Ochs, Channel

Scott McPheeters, Nebraska farmer and ethanol board member – panel participant
Interview with Scott McPheeters, Nebraska farmer

Willie Vogt, Farm Progress, Forum participant
Interview with Willie Vogt, Farm Progress

Corn Herbicides Portfolio – Frank Rittemann, Selective Herbicides Product Manager, Bayer
Interview with Frank Rittemann, Bayer Corn Herbicides

Delaro Fungicide – Eric Ifft, Bayer Customer Business Advisor
Interview with Eric Ifft, Bayer Delaro


Commodity Classic Learning Session – Integrated Weed Management: It Pays Off!

MODERATOR: Arlene Cotie, Senior Product Development Manager, Bayer

PANELISTS: Chad Leman, Farmer from Eureka, Ill.; Jason Norsworthy, Professor in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Department, University of Arkansas; Bill Chism, Senior Biologist at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Audio file – Bayer Classic 19 Learning Session