2019 Develop With Deere Conference

The 2019 Develop with Deere conference is taking place in Chicago, IL. Attendance is significantly higher this year at almost 600 people. The conference features tracks on technology, business and software. Attending are John Deere dealers, software companies integrating with John Deere API’s and more.

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2019 Develop With Deere Photo Album

Audio and Interviews

2019 Develop with Deere Conference: Interview with Kayla Reynolds

Remarks from Jeremy Leifker, John Deere Operations Center, Solutions Manager: Jeremy Leifker, Stage Remarks

Remarks from Alex Purdy, Head of John Deere Labs, San Francisco: Alex Purdy, Stage Remarks

AWS, Deere Partner on Data Application: Interview with Brandon West, AWS

Deere Dealers Gain From Conference: Interview with Jeff Barnes, Greenway Equipment

Partnerships Help Farmers Handle Digital Information: Interview with Lane Arthur, John Deere

Deere Dealers Gain From Conference: Interview with Marcus McDonald, James River Equipment

Develop with Deere Conference Still Growing: Interview with Pete Kasap, John Deere Barn Sentry Launches at Develop with Deere: Interview with Marti Miller, Mel Foster

Ryan Heiniger, Director of Agriculture & Conservation Innovations, Pheasants Forever: Interview with Ryan Heiniger, Pheasants Forever

Ashley Kasper, Associate Product Manager, Granular: Interview with Ashley Kasper, Granular

Casey Neimann, Founder, AgriSync: Interview with Casey Neimann, Agrisync

Jason Steffen, Agronomist, Teralytic: Interview with Jason Steffen, Teralytic