Eco World Research and Development Group Announces Patent Allowance

Eco World Research and Development Group, LLC (“EWG”), is extremely pleased to announce their latest patent allowance which protects the combination of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (“DMSO”), NBPT, and Urea or UAN.

This allowance originates from a continuation patent and claims priority from EWG’s innovative patent technology filed in 2012 around DMSO and the PenXcel delivery system, which does not expire until 2032.

This patent allowance is the latest in a series of allowances that broadens and further strengthens the Intellectual Property behind products that combine NBPT and DCD to protect from both above and below ground nitrogen loss on Urea and UAN.

“We continue to develop and improve on our patented technology,” David McKnight, President of EWG, stated. “This continuation allowance provides specificity, simplicity, and enhancement to our current Intellectual Property. Our strategy of patenting our technology families is now starting to reach significance in the marketplace.”

EWG shareholder Ray Perkins stated, “Many products in the marketplace – both additives and products delivered as a pretreated urea – incorporate the technologies, Intellectual Properties, and Patents controlled by EWG. They are valued products, proven performers, have operational advantages and are significantly lower cost than other nitrogen protection additives or pretreated nitrogen.”

“The Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer industry has embraced the use of these products and technologies, however the ownership of the Intellectual Property and products may have been perceived to be unclear,” Perkins added. “The broadening of the Property Rights and claims contained in these patents should eliminate all ambiguity.”

The Neon family of products supported by this allowance are available exclusively in the United States from Presidion Ag. and exclusively Internationally at

Tom Stanton
Ben Thompson