Ten Years of Ethanol Market Growth

Growth Energy is celebrating ten years of advocating for ethanol since it was created in 2008. This edition of the Driving Ethanol podcast is the final installment of our series on the 10 year anniversary of Growth Energy and how the market for U.S. ethanol has grown in the past decade.

When Growth Energy was first formed in 2008, U.S. ethanol exports totaled just 158 million gallons. Last year, the total was 1.37 billion gallons and this year exports had already surpassed that amount by the end of October. Meanwhile, domestic demand has continued to grow and more retailers are starting to offer E15, with higher blends up to E30 positioned to provide the octane needed for more fuel efficient cars in the future.

This podcast includes comments from Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, Growth Energy Senior Vice President of Global Markets Craig Willis, and President Donald Trump.

Growth Energy Driving Ethanol podcast 12-17-18

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