Presidion Ag Announces Another Patent Allowance

Presidion Ag is pleased to announce that the Technology supporting their Product Phosgain™ licensed to Presidion Ag for sales in the United States market, has received notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Phosgain makes Phosphate more available to the plant through a high level of ion exchange capacity and is a highly concentrated formula with a more powerful solvent-based polymer solution than the traditional water-based products commercially available.

Phosgain is based on the PenXcel™Technology that does not leave a dry substrate wet or soft like water-based formulations.

“Most Phosphate efficiency products currently available are water based and the exchange capacity is diluted due to the presence of water in the formula, which only adds to the operational challenges on a dry substrate such as Urea or Phosphate” said Ray Perkins, President of Presidion Ag. Phosgain can be used easily on a MAP, DAP, phosphate blends or with urea.

Perkins also stated, “this latest patent is the next step in our development and further supports our growth in Patented products into areas outside of the traditional Nitrogen efficiency market”. “Phosgain has shown significant positive differentials in Phosphate efficiency and yield gains versus other commercial products”.

David McKnight President of Eco World Research and Development Group, LLC, the developer and Licensor of the technologies, stated “there are numerous additional active ingredients, additives, and combinations being developed and tested within this Intellectual Property”.

McKnight further added “we anticipate several additional patents being granted in the very near future that will continue to support Presidion’s rapidly growing product offering which is supported by strong Intellectual Properties”.

Phosgain is available in all International Markets through Innovar Ag. For International inquiries please contact Innovar Ag at

For further information regarding the USA market please contact Tom Stanton at 712-301-2549 or Ben Thompson at 651-233-7101 for additional details.